Important COVID-19 Update

Dear Philosophers,

During these challenging times, we are fortunate to have the wisdom of Philosophy to rely upon!

For the Spring term, all Philosophy classes will be held online. The School is fortunate to have been offering online classes for years, which will make this transition possible.

New students should enroll on this website. Once registered, you will be contacted about the technical aspects of the online course. If you wish to speak to someone about the course call 877-744-5669.

Current students will be hearing from their Winter Term Tutors about how to prepare for their online classes. They should register as usual.

In the coming weeks as the situation surrounding COVID-19 unfolds, the School will apprise you of its developments by email and website postings.

We look forward to welcoming both new and returning students back to the School, and sharing the peace of mind that philosophy provides.

With best wishes,
The School of Practical Philosophy

Aim of the School

The School of Practical Philosophy offers a journey of self-discovery that guides students towards understanding their own innate wisdom and an appreciation of the underlying unity connecting us all.

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Teaching Approach

Experiential classes provide supportive space for exploring life’s big questions and learning how to apply time-tested principles and practices.

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Benefits Received

Hear students talk about what they’ve gotten out of the Philosophy Works course and, how the exploration of Philosophy and application of principles discussed affect their happiness, mindfulness and effectiveness in daily living.

Philosophy Works

Philosophy Works is the first step on this journey of self discovery. In our introductory class we explore the topics of wisdom, love, and happiness, giving you everyday tools to grow these in your life and realize your full potential

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