Support the School Today


Support the School Today

Since 1965, the School of Practical Philosophy has had a simple mission: to introduce the benefits of Practical Philosophy to anyone who is interested. Our doors are open to anyone who seeks to understand principles that can lead to greater wisdom, happiness, balance, awareness, and effectiveness in daily life.

Our tuition costs are kept below necessary levels in order to stay true to our wish that interest in Practical Philosophy — and not money — should be the only requirement to participation. The School is a volunteer organization with no full-time paid staff. Donations to the School are essential and are used to cover basic operating expenses.

If you are interested in supporting an institution that provides adult education, fosters spiritual growth, and promotes unity among its diverse and vibrant student population then we would be most grateful for your contribution. We thank you for considering a donation to the School of Practical Philosophy and allowing us to continue to offer our courses to the public.

We are a not-for-profit educational corporation chartered by the Regents of the University of the State of New York. Below are a few purposes in our corporate charter.

Our Purpose

To study the great philosophical and religious teachings of  the past and present

To teach and demonstrate how these principles can be put to practical and effective use

To promote the observation of the natural laws governing relationships among members of society

To sponsor a series of lectures on philosophy, economics and related subjects by distinguished guests

We Appreciate Your Support